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Incorporated Village of Matinecock

Updated January, 2018
     Welcome to the webpage of the Village of Matinecock.  On this page you will find information on village officials, news letters, the recycling schedule, and more information about the Village.  Below you will find the News Bulletins followed by a list of sections contained in our site. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Mayor Goodman at MayorGoodman@matinecockvillage.org or the Village Clerk-Treasurer at wsimonds@matinecockvillage.org.
News Bulletins
Matinecock Village Election
posted on Sunday August 30th, 2020 by w.h.simonds

A Village election will take place on Tuesday, September 15th from 12:00pm to 9:pm at the Locust Valley Fire Department. Robert Marmorale is to be re-elected for a four-year term as Trustee of the Village of Matinecock.

Monthly Trustees Meeting
posted on Monday July 27th, 2020 by w.h.simonds

The Trustees of the Village of Matinecock will not be holding a monthly meeting in August. The next regular meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 22nd at 6:30 pm by ZOOM teleconference call: Phone Number: 1-888-204-5987 Access Code: 8955143

Preliminary Stormwater Report for 2020-2021
posted on Tuesday April 14th, 2020 by w.h.simonds

The Stormwater Report for the Village of Matinecock for the period March 10, 2020-March 9,2021 can be viewed on the "Stormwater Management" page of the Matinecock website. Please direct any comments about the report to wsimonds@matinecockvillage.org, Clerk-Treasurer of the Village of Matinecock.

Building Department Address & Hours of Operation
posted on Friday February 6th, 2015 by w.h.simonds

The Building Department of the Inc. Village of Matinecock is located at 147 Forest Avenue, Locust Valley, NY in the Humes & Wagner office building. The hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Phone Number: 516-801-6000; Fax Number: 516-801-6524.

Amendments to Village's Noise Ordinance
posted on Thursday June 21st, 2012 by w.h.simonds

Please note the following changes to the Village's Noise Ordinance as approved at a meeting held on February 23, 2012: 1. Any animal kept outdoors between the hours of 9:00pm and 8:00 which causes unreasonable noise is prohibited. 2. Commercial Landscaping is prohibited: before 8:am and after 5:pm Monday-Friday; after 1:00pm on Saturday; all day Sunday; and all day on New York State legal holidays

Environmental Conservation
posted on Wednesday June 23rd, 2004 by w.h.simonds

Articles about ways residents can help to preserve the environment in the Village will be appearing on the new "Environmental Conservation" webpage. Please visit it to learn more.

posted on Sunday February 15th, 2004 by w.h.simonds

Village residents are encouraged to recycle and to use the Town of Oyster Bay STOP program to dispose of hazardous materials. See the "Garbage and Recycling Schedule" page for a link to the Town of Oyster Bay STOP schedule.

The Village Code
posted on Wednesday December 19th, 2001 by w.h.simonds

The code book of the Inc. Village of Matinecock can now be viewed on this website, and portions can be be downloaded using PDF format. The code was updated October 15 2007.

Village Officials:
     This section contains the names of officials on the Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Zoning Board, Village Court and other village officials. Visit this page if you would like to know who is helping to make Matinecock what it is today.

Village of Matinecock Information:
     This part of the webpage contains information about the Village of Matinecock. You can find the village population, phone numbers and more.

Village Ordinances:
     Here you will find a current list of village ordinances.

Garbage and Recycling Schedule:
     This is the garbage and recycling schedule for the Village of Matinecock. This schedule has every pick up day listed from January to December.

Environmental Conservation:
     The Village encourages residents to preserve and improve their natural environment. Click here to learn some ways this can be accomplished.

Matinecock News:
     This section contains the news letter from the Mayor and the Village Board of Trustees.  It has information on current issues dealing with the Village of Matinecock.

History Of Matinecock:
     This page gives a short history of Matinecock and a list of the mayors of the Village since its incorporation on April 2, 1928

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