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Dr. Kenneth J. Goodman

Albert Kalimian
William R. Denslow, Jr.
Carol E. Large
Robert Marmorale
Hugh O'Kane, Jr.
Alan Seligson

William H. Simonds


During June, PSEG crews began work on 4.7 miles of lines in the Village of Matinecock, mainly on Duck Pond Road, Oyster Bay Road, and Piping Rock Road, to increase electrical reliability and efficiency. Some existing poles were replaced with stronger, more durable poles that are capable of withstanding winds up to 135 mph. The new poles have been placed three feet from the current pole locations, and removal of the old poles will be coordinated with other utilities and municipalities. Current wire will be replaced with stronger more resilient wire, and deteriorated equipment will be upgraded or replaced as necessary. The project is expected to take about five months to complete.


The Trustees have hired an architect to evaluate the location and effectiveness of street and traffic signs in the Village. Attractive and more visible signs will replace deteriorating ones during the summer months ahead.


The Mayor, Trustees, and Public Works Commissioner have been working with the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management to gain approval for financial aid for projects in the Village such as flooding on Thorne Lane or clean-up and repair caused by severe storms or hurricanes.


Recently, police have reported that car thieves have stolen several cars in neighboring Villages. Please remember to remove your keys and lock your vehicles when exiting.


This spring, Dodds and Eder Landscaping has graciously planted and maintained the three triangles located at the junctures of Duck Pond Road and Bayville-Oyster Bay Road; Planting Fields Road and Chicken Valley Road; and the blinking light intersection adjacent to Upper Francis Pond at no cost to the Village. We are grateful to them for this enhancement to the beauty of the Village.


Please check the Village website for notices of current Village meetings. The address of the website is www.matinecockvillage.org. The next Board of Trustees Meeting will be held at 6:30 by teleconference on Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Please try to maintain the shoulders of the road that abut your property. Although we have crews that do seasonal clean-ups of the roads, there is still debris that accumulates between clean-ups. Let’s keep Matinecock beautiful.