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Dr. Kenneth J. Goodman

Albert Kalimian
William R. Denslow, Jr.
Carol E. Large
Robert Marmorale
Hugh O'Kane, Jr.
Alan Seligson

William H. Simonds


An illegal party was planned in the Village. It seems the non-resident homeowner rented the property for a week to an entrepreneur who advertised a party on social media to make a quick profit. The police noticed the unusual activity at the Locust Valley train station and followed the potential revelers to the party site. The Old Brookville Police Department immediately closed the street and shut down the party. The attendees were sent back to the train station. There were no arrests no summonses and no violence. It is a tribute to the professionalism of the OBPD that they were able to defuse a tricky problem without incident. Thank you to our fine officers of the OBPD.

We are currently drafting legislation that would prohibit short term rentals and large parties at rented properties. The legislation will be circulated when it is completed and Nassau County has approved it. Zoning legislation requires County approval. The police costs have been calculated and are being billed to the homeowner.


We continue our efforts to improve cell service to our village and keep asking providers to increase the strength of their signals, coverage areas, and services they provide. We are planning to circulate a petition via e-mail to show the “grass roots” support in our village for better service.

During the recent tropical storm, we were distressed to learn that the cell towers did not have sufficient backup power to continue to operate during the crisis. It seems that they are reliant on battery backup, some of which failed leaving us without power or cell service. This is clearly a threat to public safety. This requires legislation beyond the village level and we are communicating with the County and State to insist that cell towers be supported by generators with at least a ten day fuel supply.


Linda Berke has graciously agreed to be the chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Herb Smith is stepping down from that position, and we greatly appreciate the years of service he has provided the Village.

We have applied for disaster funds for the clean-up of Village roads following the recent tropical storm. Unfortunately, we cannot use these funds for private or County roads.

Please remember to lock your cars and take your key fobs with you. There continue to be thefts of cars and property, almost always involving unlocked cars with the key fobs inside.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

The Mayor and Board of Trustees